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No.52 Capitalism - Crisis and Alternatives

  • by Ozlem Onaran, Michel Husson, John Rees, Claudio Katz et al., Summer 2011 - 282 pages

    Ed. by Fred Leplat and Özlem Onaran

    282 pages

    ISBN 978-0-902869-63-9

    Resistance Books, London 2012

    The IIRE presents the number 52 of it's Notebooks for Study and Research series, edited in collaboration with Resistance Books. 

No.51 UNITY & STRATEGY Ideas for Revolution

  • the transitional program for socialist revolution and other writings by Leon Trotsky, Daniel Bensaïd, John Riddell, Duncan Hallas, James Burnham & Michel Pablo pages 240

No.50 New Parties of the Left – Experiences from Europe

  • by Daniel Bensaid, Alain Krivine, Alda Sousa, Alan Thornett et al, May 2011 - 208 pages

    With its latest publication “New Parties of the Left – Experiences from Europe”, the IIRE, in collaboration with Resistance Books, provides a much needed analysis of the European regroupment of the radical left.

No.49 Revolution and Counter-revolution in Europe From 1918 to 1968

  • by Pierre Frank - 282 pages

    Between 1918 and 1968, the forces of revolution and counter-revolution fought a ceaseless battle over Europe’s history.

No.48 Women Liberation & Socialist Revolution: Documents of the Fourth International

  • by Penelope Duggan ed. - 225 pages

    Women's Liberation & Socialist Revolution is the title of the latest issue of IIRE's Notebooks for Study and Research. Its subtitle, Documents of the Fourth International, places it in the "documents and debates" series of Notebooks, which aim to collect documents and articles around a particular question.

No.47 The Long March of the Trotskyists

  • by Pierre Frank - 168 pages

    We live in an age where everything has been internationalised. Imperialism brought in its wake world politics and world economics.

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