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No.27-28 Fatherland or Mother Earth? Essays on the National Question

  • by Michael Löwy - 108 pages
    Not available

    In Fatherland or Mother Earth? leading French Marxist Michael Löwy argues that the fragmentary writings on national issues by Marx and Engels have the potential to form the basis of a coherent theory, a truly international dialectic which yet remains to be developed. This theory draws on contributions from key thinkers such as Lenin and Otto Bauer.

No.26 The Trade-Union Left and the Birth of a New South Africa

  • by Claude Jacquin - 92 pages

    In the 1970s and '80s a wave of industrialization contributed to the greatest political and social mobilization in South African history, of which the trade-union movement was one of the central driving forces.

No.24-25 World Bank/IMF/WTO: The Free-Market Fiasco

  • by Susan George, Michel Chossudovsky et al. OUT OF PRINT
    Not available

    The International Monetary Fund, World Bank and World Trade Organization have managed to impose neo-liberal policies on virtually the entire world.

No.22 Women's Lives in the New Global Economy

  • by Penny Duggan & Heather Dashner (editors) - 68 pages

    Women's Lives in the New Global Economy links together transformations that are affecting women in factories and farms, as peddlers and professionals, as neighbours, mothers and wives, in old age and even in the womb.

No.21 Factory Commitees and Workers' Control in Petrograd in 1917

  • by David Mandel - 48 pages

    Factory Committees and Workers' Control in Petrograd in 1917 tells the story of 1917 'from below', delving into Russian-language archives to uncover worker-activists' own words. Petrograd workers did not dream at first of 'socialist experiments' in backward Russia.

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