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No.58 Bankocracy

  • by Eric Toussaint

    Banks are at the heart of contemporary capitalism – they are key to financial markets, generate the bulk of financial profits, and have enormous influence on policy making. Eric Toussaint offers us a wide-ranging, informative and sharp outline of their role.

No.56 Green Capitalism: Why it can't work

  • by Daniel Tanuro

    Merlin Press, London, 2013, 166 pages

    No.56 Green Capitalism: Why it can't work



No.55 DANGEROUS LIAISONS The marriages and divorces of Marxism and Feminism

  • by Cinzia Arruzza, prologue by Penelope Duggan - 156 pages

    An accessible introduction to the relationship between the workers' movement and the women's movement. The first part is historical, the second theoretical.

No.54 China's Rise: Strength and Fragility

  • by Au Loong Yu with contributions from Bai Ruixue, Bruno Jetin & Pierre Rousset, 2012
    Not available

    China's rise – Strength and Fragility is the first book being jointly published by Resistance Books, the IIRE and Merlin Press. Author Au Loong Yu will be visiting Britain from 12 to 22 November to launch the book at meetings around the country.

No.52 Capitalism - Crisis and Alternatives

  • by Ozlem Onaran, Michel Husson, John Rees, Claudio Katz et al., Summer 2011 - 282 pages

    Ed. by Fred Leplat and Özlem Onaran

    282 pages

    ISBN 978-0-902869-63-9

    Resistance Books, London 2012

    The IIRE presents the number 52 of it's Notebooks for Study and Research series, edited in collaboration with Resistance Books. 

No.51 UNITY & STRATEGY Ideas for Revolution

  • the transitional program for socialist revolution and other writings by Leon Trotsky, Daniel Bensaïd, John Riddell, Duncan Hallas, James Burnham & Michel Pablo pages 240
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