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Seminaire à l'IIRE: Daniel Bensaïd l'internationaliste

13 au 15 janvier 2012

2ème Seminaire Economie de l'IIRE sur la crise mondiale 2011

Ce second séminaire suit le séminaire sur la crise économique organisé du 2 au 4 octobre 2009.

Women's Schools

The IIRE's three-to-four-week Women's Schools have considerably enriched our other courses.

International Seminar: Marxist analyses of the global crisis 2009

2-4 October 2009, IIRE, Amsterdam

The purpose of the seminar is to analyse the nature and the consequences of the present international economic crisis. Two main issues should be raised:

Fourth Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual seminar at IIRE 2009

All the participants in the fourth LGBT seminar held at the IIRE in July 2009 were extremely positive about what they had had gained from sharing the three days of discussion and debate on key issues facing LGBT people working in an anti-capitalist framework.

Participants included 26 people from 14 countries


Succès du séminaire femmes 2009

« Il nous faut le faire de nouveau dans un futur proche », disait une des vingt-deux féministes-socialistes venues de onze pays d'Europe, d'Amérique-Latine et d'Asie pour le Séminaire International Femmes qui s'est tenu à l'IIRE du 11 au 15 juillet.

Europe-wide Meeting of Solidarity with Venezuela 2009

On the weekend 19-21 June, IIRE hosted the  Europe-wide Meeting on Solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Is there a long term solution for the conflict in Palestine?

This question is ever so urgent to discuss, in order to advance concrete proposals and the work of solidarity as bombs fall over Gaza and the number of innocent victims increases from day to day.

IIRE - ECOLOGY SEMINAR 22-26 February 2008

IIRE  - CLIMATE CHANGE SEMINAR  22 to 26 of February

Progressive movements faced with climate change: the need for an energy revolution and social transformation.

Séminaire international sur le changement climatique

C'est un séminaire à bien des égards fructueux et stimulant qui s'est tenu à Amsterdam du 23 au 27 février 2008 à l'invitation de l’IIRE.

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