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Women's Schools

9 April 2010

The IIRE's three-to-four-week Women's Schools have considerably enriched our other courses. For example, other courses have borrowed feminist analyses initially presented here of the interaction of gender, race and class, social and family dynamics of economic restructuring, and democracy and leadership development in popular organizations.

Lectures, by the invited speakers, members of the ad hoc coordinating team and Institute staff or participants, cover a broad range of questions, from those posed at a more abstract 'theoretical' level to more concrete analysis of the methods and forms of struggle used by women in fighting for their rights. This is the unique nature of an IIRE session, that it brings together activists from NGOs in the Philippines, trade unions in Uruguay and North America, political parties in Brazil and Ecuador, and women's organizations in South Africa. Thus it provides a political educational context in which all the participants can situate their own experience, deepen their understanding and learn from other experiences.

The next Women's School is planned to take place at latest in 2011.

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