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In the first four months of 2015, 1,770 Africans and Asians drowned on their way to Europe. With the death toll in the Mediterranean rising by the thousands, the European Union has showed once again that it is ready to pay the price of lives lost at sea in order to maintain the myth of sovereignty over its borders.

REINFORM cordially invites you to a discussion over the human rights cost of the EU closing the gates to unwanted outsiders, and the fair distribution of refugees in the European Union.

rebelse stad

We are very happy to join the efforts of Unofficial Histories 2015 to open up history beyond the official and the mainstream.
As the conference takes place in Amsterdam this year, we have the opportunity to support this inspiring initiative and host the screening of Rebelse Stad / Rebellious City at our institute.
Come and spread the word!
Please join the FB event.


Grand Week End d'Inauguration, 14-16 Septembre 2007

Pendant quatre jours, l'équipe et plusieurs de nos collaborateurs réguliers accueilleront des invités des Pays Bas, d'Europe et d'ailleurs, pour présenter le nouvel Institut et son programme pour les tous prochains mois.

Au programme, se tiendront notamment :

Vendredi 14 Spetembre


Change the world

Date: Dimanche 5 Août, 17h Amsterdam, 16h Londres, 11h Côte Est, 8h P acifique.

Lieu: Skypecast, via Internet

Take the Power to Change the World ("Prendre le pouvoir pour changer le monde"), est la dernière publication de l'IIRF, publiée conjointement avec Resistance Books de Grande Bretagne.

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