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Erik Swyngedouw on David Harvey and geographical materialism

5 October 2009

The IIRE organises in cooperation with the yearbook 'Kritiek. Jaarboek voor socialistische discussie en analyse' a lecture by Erik Swyngedouw on David Harvey, geographical materialism and urban social struggles on Thursday, the 29th of October. Geographer David Harvey has developed his ideas on the interaction between urban development and politics in many publications. The Marxist criticism of global capitalism is an important element of his analysis of urban conflicts.


Erik Swyngedouw will discuss Harvey's work and show that his theories can be applied in contemporary urban movements.

Erik Swyngedouw is professor of Geography at the University of Manchester at the School of Environment and Development and completed his PhD under the supervision of David Harvey.

Time: 20.00.

Location: International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE), Lombokstraat 40, Amsterdam.


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