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Evening lectures

Lectures in Marxism

for understanding and
attempting to change the world


Lectures in Marxism

Take the Power to Change the World - Public Webcast

Title: Take the Power to Change the World

Date: Sunday 5 August, 5 pm Amsterdam, 4 pm London, 11 am Eastern, 8 am pacific. 

Location: Skypecast, via Internet. ONLY CYBERSPACE!

 Take the Power to Change the World, is the latest IIRE publication, published jointly with Resistance Books in Britain.


Recent marxist analysis of the state

The 9th october 2007

Peter Thomas will present a discussion on the marxist analysis of the state.

The course will be held in the IIRE-institute building at Lombokstraat 40, Amsterdam

The presentation will be in english with simultaneous translation to dutch.

The course is free of charge.

Returns of Marxism 2008/2009

Après le succès de la première édition en 2008/2009, Returns of Marxism continuera à partir d'octobre 2008. Les sujets des formations de cette année comprennent : les politiques contemporaines en Amérique Latine, les politiques d'embourgeoisement, lire Le Capital, le féminisme radical, marxisme et philosophie...

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