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Leave a bequest to the struggle for a different world

The struggle for justice and equality is international and long lasting. Since 1982, the International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE) has been a part of it. In three different locations, in Amsterdam, Manila and Islamabad, the IIRE organizes meetings where activists from across the world meet to learn from each-other and strategise. Over the years, hundreds of people have participated in courses organized by the IIRE, developing their analysis and forging long lasting links.

To diffuse progressive ideas, the IIRE has also developed an extensive publication program. We have published dozens of titles in several different languages, ranging from Marxist classics to original works on topics ranging from economic analysis to feminist theory. 

The work of the IIRE is made possible by the support from donors across the world. We are completely independent from institutional or state-support. We rather rely on the support from those who share our political vision. 

To raise money, the IIRE cooperates with the Dutch foundation SOWS. The SOWS foundation is recognized as a non-profit (IBAN) under Dutch law and has cooperated closely with the IIRE since its beginning. The money we raise is used to finance international meetings, subsidize participation by activists from the Global South and develop our publication line. Donations are essential to continue the work of the IIRE.

One way you can support the continuation of the work of the IIRE is by including the SOWS foundation in your will, specifying that you intend to support the work of the IIRE. One possibility is to leave a bequest to the SOWS. A bequest allows you to grant a specific portion from your estate to SOWS. This could be goods or a sum of money. You can also appoint SOWS as (joint-)heir. This gives SOWS rights to part of the estate, together with other heirs or alone. The size of the inheritance share depends on the total size of the estate and the number of heirs. 
To arrange a bequest, you can contact a solicitor or attorney. They will be able to help with questions concerning your local laws. 

The details of the SOWS foundation are as follows:

(Stichting voor Onderzoek naar en vorming in het Wetenschappelijk Socialisme,
IBAN registration: NL55 INGB 0001 0391 61
Chamber of Commerce registration: 4120 2155
Fiscal number/RSIN: 0086.21.937BIC: INGBNL2A 
Address: Postbus 1962, 1000 BZ, Amsterdam
IBAN : NL55INGB0001039161
Bank: ING (Postbus 1800, 1102 BW, Amsterdam, the Netherlands) 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the IIRE staff:, or (+31) (0)206717263

© IIRE 2024

The IIRE is an international foundation,
recognised in Belgium as an
international scientific association
by Royal decree of 11th June 1981.

Lombokstraat 40
The Netherlands

T: (+31) (0)206717263
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