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Lectures for IIRE Second Ecology Seminar 2013

The fight against the Notre Dame des Landes airport in the West of France Vincent Gay, Christine Poupin
Ritxi Abaitua and Txaru Martin Ureta - Ecological struggles in Euskadi
Climate Change and the Fight against oil auctions in Brazil Alexandre Costa
Paul Prescod - Building a new ecosocialist movement in the USA
The struggles against the privatisation of water in Aragon Mariano member of I.A
Mabel Carumba co-director of IIRE-Manila - Philippines, organic farming and food sovereignty in Mindanao
Isabelle Magkoeva - The fight against the destruction of the forest near Moscow and against other mega projects in Russia
Socialist Resistance , adaptation of it’s the ecosocialist program and the campaign against climate change in Great Britain Terry Conway
The Canadian State and the exploitation of tar-sands, its consequences for the global climate by Canada Susan Caldwell
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