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Call for donations for the Ecosocialist school

28 September 2017
Participants in Ecosocialist School

As every year, in late November and early December the IIRE will organize an international three-week school for socialist activists. This 'Ecosocialist school' is a unique opportunity for activists to come together, learn, exchange experiences and build networks. To facilitate participation, we keep costs as low as possible and, if necessary, help fund travel costs for activists from the Global South. For this year's school, we already have applications from several European countries, the U.S., West Papua, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Egypt, Morocco, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Lebanon.

This annual school is one of the IIRE's major activities and is evaluated very positively by the participants. The internationalist character of the schools, which brings together participants from across the world, is especially appreciated.

To enable participation from the Global South we try to gather enough finances to pay for part of the travel costs.

That is why we are appealing for donations. Any amount will help us.

Donations can be made out to:
Address: Postbus 1962, 1000 BZ, Amsterdam
IBAN : NL55INGB0001039161
Bank: ING (Postbus 1800, 1102 BW, Amsterdam)
Please mention 'Ecosocialist School'

We are recognized as a non-profit foundation and donations are tax deductible. Please contact us for details on procedures and tax deduction laws.

It is also possible to donate through Paypal using the button on the page.

All of the IIRE's activities, schools, seminars and publications, are made possible because of donations. We want to thank all our donors for their support.

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