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IIRE Fellows are busy: addressing the UN, writing new books & explaining history

4 November 2010

The IIRE's latest newsletter spotlights some impresisve accomplishments by the Institute's fellows. The lastest Asian edition of the Global Justice School (GJS), and the Youth School in Amsterdam are also reported. The newslatter also highlights the plans for our upcoming GJS in Amsterdam and other developments. The IIRE's successful contribution to the European Social Forum, also reported in this issue, is one of the reasons why we are extending our fundraising partnership with the SOWS, a Dutch foundation for scientific research.


News from Fellows

After a successful Manila seminar, 10 organisations sponsor a third school

20 October 2010

The IIRE-Manila made a huge step forward in its second Global Justice School in August, with 22 attendees discussing context, movements and on alternative organizing for change. It can confirm that ten organisations are likely to take part in the third school, in the summer of 2011, and that numerous seminars will take part at the Manila campus before then. However, financial support remains needed to help participants to travel to Manila.

Mindanao: "The main problem is the right to self-determination"

18 October 2010

Kuyasu, a member of the Teduray tribe in the Philippines, recently stayed for several weeks at the IIRE. He participated in the International Youth Camp in Perugia this summer and later, visited Denmark and Sweden. We had numerous talks, on his life in the Central Mindanao Region, in his village. The Teduray tribe consists of about 6000 people, claiming an ancestral domain of 201,850 hectares.

Tell us about the current situation of your tribe…


“Global Justice School” in Islamabad – A Unique experience

8 October 2010

The International Institute for Research and Education, Islamabad, organized a five-day-school titled "Global Justice School" from 9th to 13th October 2010. The school was attended by around 20 participants from various parts of Punjab and Pakistan-administered Azad Jammu & Kashmir. The participants were the activists of different organizations working for the rights of women, youth, workers, peasants and other underprivileged sections of society. It was the first time for most of the participants to attend such a long-week residential school.


École altermondialiste d’Asie,Manille 2010 : mettre de l’ordre dans le puzzle des problèmes du monde

10 September 2010

Les files interminables dans Quezon City aux Philippines sont compensées par la seconde École altermondialiste qui s’est tenue du deux au vingt en un août . J’y ai participé en tant que membre du Comité Politique des Pauvres – Parti Démocratique du Peuple (KPRM-PRD) avec dix autres activistes de gauche venus de Taïwan, des Philippines, du Sri Lanka, du Bangladesh, du Japon et du Pakistan. Il s’agissait d’une école de formation de trois semaines organisée par l’IIRE de Manille.

L'Europe de l'Est à l'épreuve des crises de système

22 June 2010

Par Catherine Samary

La construction européenne était porteuse d'aspirations populaires à un continent résistant aux politiques anti-sociales tout en étant ouvert sur le monde : selon une logique démocratique, sociale, écologique et solidaire, radicalement à l'opposé de ce qui se réalise... C'était notamment l'espoir en Europe de l'Est où les populations aspiraient à vivre mieux et plus libres. Un espoir profondément déçu, faisant le lit des courants xénophobes...

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