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support the IIRE's Women's Seminar

30 June 2013

The IIRE organises in July its Fourth International Women’s Seminar together with the women’s commission of the Fourth International.

Participants from all over the world will discuss women’s struggles for emancipation in different cultures, regions, visions and social contexts. Overcoming euro-centrism by developing a plural feminism is one of the aims of this global exchange.


The ecofeminist struggles and an ecofeminist world view is the second topic of the seminar: putting a women’s prospective to our ecosocialist alternative.

The third subject is the challenge of feminism for our own organisations. How do we deal with sexism, harassment, violence against women and all other aspects of women’s oppression in our organisations.

Participants are already confirmed from Spain, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

But travel costs for people from the Third World are very high. The IIRE is helping to finance these costs, but it’s funds are limited.

That is why we appeal to generous donors to help us make the participation of women from the Third World possible.

You can donate money on the bank account of the Dutch Foundation SOWS, mentioning “women’s seminar”

Account number: 1039161

IBAN : NL55INGB0001039161


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