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Seminar in the IIRE: Daniel Bensaïd, the Internationalist

13 January 2012

13th - 15th January 2012

Daniel Bensaïd was a leading member of the Fourth International in France(in the Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire) and internationally. He died at the age of 63 in January 2010. He was also a philosopher and prolific author of political and philosophical works. It is difficult to separate out these multiple dimensions of Daniel but this seminar will especially approach his contribution as one of the central leaders of the 4th International and the international revolutionary movement. The participants, around forty in number, will be militants who worked or were active with Daniel in the International or through international revolutionary experiences or building of national revolutionary organizations.

The topics addressed will be the following: Marxism of Daniel and questions of strategy; May 1968; the debates of years 1960-70s about the Cuban revolution; Guevarism and the armed struggle: the Spanish and Portuguese revolutionary experiences, the Brazilian experiences, the debates about the permanent revolution, the analysis of women's oppression, the approach of the global justice movement, the contribution of Daniel to the building of the party and the International. It is hoped that the proceedings and different contributions to this seminar will be published in the different languages of the IIRE.

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