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Ecosocialist School 2015

24 November 2015

Saturday 21 November to Friday 11 December 2015 our yearly ecosocialist school took place again. A total of 15 activists from Sri Lanka, US, Denmark, Spanish State, Belgium, Haiti, Cameroon, Mali, Colombia, Mexico, India, Turkey and Indonesia took part in the course. This was our third Ecosocialist School.

This year the program of the school was completely renewed to focus more on the strategic challenges facing activists. Feedback from the participants was positive and people returned home motivated to carry on the struggle for social justice. At the center of the lectures and the discussion were the climate crisis and the European crisis. Participants discussed different ways to unify the struggle for social justice with that for ecological sustainability and analyzed different experiences of the Left, such as in Greece.

Wewould like to thank the lecturers, participants, and interpreters, who traveled from many kilometers away to contribute to this international and internationalist experience. Like our other activities, the school was made possible by the donations of our supporters. We thank them for the support.

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