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Publishing Ernest Mandel's selected writings

11 November 2020
Ernest Mandel selected writings

This year marks 25 years since Ernest Mandel died. Mandel (5 April 1923 – 20 July 1995) was one of the most significant Marxist economists of the second half of the twentieth century. To make his thinking accessible to a new generation, IIRE Amsterdam  is working on several new volumes of essays by Mandel.

A prolific scholar and activist until the end of his life, Mandel wrote dozens of books and hundreds of articles, and was for many decades a leading member of the Fourth International. Especially influential are his 'Marxist Economic Theory' (1968) and 'Late Capitalism' (1975).

Mandel’s life’s work was characterized by a commitment to radical change and freedom. He considered it his mission to transmit the heritage of classical Marxist thought, while integrating analyses of modern capitalism as it developed. With his work Mandel influenced a generation of scholars and activists in their understanding of important Marxist concepts and political orientation towards self-emancipation.

We are raising money to produce several volumes of collected essays by Mandel. The first volume, titled 'Introduction to Marxist Theory' will appear later this year, and collects major articles such as the essays 'The Leninist Theory of Organisation', 'Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory' and others. (The full table of contents can be seen here ). The second volume, 'Marxists against Stalinism' will be published next year and contains his debate with the British Marxist Chris Harman on developments in the Soviet Union with a new introduction by Paul Le Blanc. This will be followed by a collection of historical and theoretical essays, most of which are new translations into English.

We ask for donations to help finance the costs of translating, editing and distributing these books.

Your donations will ensure that we can continue our work on this project and publish these important volumes.

People who donate 50 euros or more will receive a copy of Volume 1.

Donate 150 euros or more, and we will sent you all three volumes as they are published.

You can donate through the Gofundme page:, or with the information here. Please leave a message if you want to receive the books so we can contact you.

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