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No 76. Hope and Marxism. Historical and Theoretical Essays

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Hope & Marxism

This book collects essays exploring Marxist theory and history. Most of the texts are newly translated. Essays include historical examinations of Rosa Luxemburg’s place in the German workers movement, the development of the bourgeois state, and of the roots of Nazi violence. Other chapters discuss Marx’s notions of progress, alienation and emancipation, Luxemburg’s views on political economy and political strategy. Also included are engagements with Ernst Bloch, analytical Marxism and Althusser, as well as a pioneering essay on Marxism and ecology.

1967. Ernest Mandel: A critique of the theory of economic growth, in the spirit of Marx’s Capital

22 May 2023

This text was Ernest Mandel’s contribution to a colloquium on the occasion of the centenary of Marx’s Capital, organized by the institute of political science of the Goethe University Frankfurt and publisher Europäische Verlagsanstalt. The contributions and discussion were originally published in Kritik der politischen Ökonomie heute,100 Jahre Kapital (Frankfurt am Main, 1968). 


Marijke Colle, une vie de curiosité et d’activité

2 May 2023

Le dimanche 16 avril, nous avons appris la triste nouvelle du décès de notre camarade Marijke Colle à l’âge de soixante-quinze ans. Féministe et socialiste convaincue, Marijke s’est consacrée à divers mouvements pendant de nombreuses années et est restée politiquement active jusqu’à la fin. Son dévouement, son intelligence et son enthousiasme ont fait d’elle un modèle pour beaucoup d’autres.

Marijke Colle, presente!

20 April 2023

It is with great sadness that we have learned of the death on 16 April 2023 of our comrade and former IIRE co-director Marijke Colle, at the age of 75. Below is a reflection on her life as a socialist and feminist activist, written by her Belgian comrades. 

Born in 1947 in a very conservative Flemish Catholic family, Marijke studied biology in Ghent and became radicalized like many young people of her generation in the 1968 wave.

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