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Help us organise the women’s seminar at the IIRE !

3 July 2015

The women’s commission of the Fourth International is organising a women’s seminar from 4th of 8th July inclusive.

We want to strengthen our analysis and theory in order better to participate in current discussions in the feminist movement and also integrate the different generations of women members of the Fourth International in these debates.

A first theoretical debate concerns the oppression of women in class society and how Marxism helps us analyse the nature of labour and exploitation, and the nature of different oppressions and the interrelationships between exploitation and oppression.

A second theme is the autonomous women’s movement. We want to further enrich our feminism by putting forward the new experiences of non-European women’s movements, especially in the Arab region, South-East Asia and Latin America.

The third topic is in continuity with the previous seminar (2013). How can we combat sexism and violence against women inside our organisations in order to strengthen women and their position in our organisations and at different levels of leadership.

Of course, organising this seminar is costly. The main cost being travel expenses. On average, a ticket from outside Europe, costs about €2000 during the northern summer. We need your help in order to pay for the tickets of comrades from the global South.

We are launching a financial appeal for the 2015 seminar, which will take place at the Institute in Amsterdam.

You can contribute to the success of this seminar by transferring money to the following bank account:

Address: Postbus 1962, 1000 BZ, Amsterdam

IBAN : NL55INGB0001039161


Bank:ING (Postbus 1800, 1102 BW, Amsterdam)

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We are recognized as a non-profit foundation and donations are tax deductible. Please contact us for details on procedures and tax-deduction laws.

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