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IIRE at the 13th Annual Historical Materialism conference

10 November 2016

From Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th of November the 13th annual Historical Materialism conference will take place in London. The theme this year is 'Limits, Barriers and Borders'. Organized by the journal of the same name, the Historical Materialism conferences are spaces for discussion, debate and the launching of collective projects. Several friends and co-workers of the IIRE will participate, presenting papers, chairing meetings or otherwise participating in the event.

Meetings with contributions from co-workers and fellows of the IIRE include:
'Marxism, Science and Nature' with Joost Kircz on 'Science: model, icon, and the subjective factor'.
'What constitutes a Marxist approach to science?' with Joost Kircz on '4 ways of dealing with science and Marxism in the 21st century'.
'Marxism, sexuality and politics' with Peter Drucker on 'Shifting Boundaries: Europe, heteronationalism and homonationalism in political economy and history'.
'Marxism and Labour' Marcel Van Der Linden 'Global labour: a not so grand finale and perhaps a new beginning'.

The book launch of 'The Politics of Everybody: Feminism, Queer Theory, and Marxism at the Intersection' with Peter Drucker.

Roundtable ion the Marxism/Feminism Stream; 'Social Reproduction Feminism. HISTORICAL MATERIALISM SPECIAL ISSUE, 24.2 with Sara Farris.

 IIRE fellows are also chairing different meetings such Sara Faris for the meetings on 'Marxism and Turkish politics' and 'Women’s Work, Violence, Re/Production'.

 The full programme can be found on the Historical Material website conference website.

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