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"The Solution to the Crisis of Capitalism Has to Be Political"

16 July 2009

IIRE fellow Claudio Katz interviewed by Fernando Arellano Ortiz

The exit from the systemic crisis of capitalism needs to be political, and "a socialist project can mature in this turbulence."  So says the Argentine economist, philosopher, and sociologist Claudio Katz, who also warns that the "global economic situation is very serious and is going to have to hit bottom, and now we are but in the first moment of crisis."

27th of may: Crisis in Europe: an anticapitalist perspective

27 May 2009
The current economic crisis shows once again that economical and political developments don't end at national borders. Some politicians draw the conclusion that the European Union should play a greater role in handling crises like this one. However, according to critics the EU itself is part of the problem because it propagates the same kind of neoliberal policies that were a factor in causing this crisis. What would a left-wing, Europe-wide approach to the crisis look like?

The socialist project has been betrayed and must be reinvented in the 21st century

24 April 2009

Eric Toussaint, interviewed by IHU On-line (Brazil)

As he assesses the international crisis and the proposals made by the Left to meet a fast deteriorating global situation, Eric Toussaint distinguishes between two very different kinds of Left that suggest different ways of of resolving the interconnected crises of capitalism.

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