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Ecosocialist School 2014 - 3 weeks course for social movement activists

21 November 2014

This November, activists from all over the world will get together for three weeks to discuss and study global affairs from a Marxist perspective. This course is a unique opportunity to go in depth with developments that challenge social movements. How to understand and respond to the economic crisis? How are social movements affected by climate change? What are the implications of post-colonial struggles and quick political changes? These are some of the key issues raised at the annual Ecosocialist School, hosted by the IIRE in Amterdam. The course is a place for activists from very different backgrounds to meet and learn from each other, and from the scholars who give the lectures.


Please see the draft programme below.

The Ecosocialist School is conducted in English, French and Spanish with simultaneous translations. We recommend people take part in the entire school, as all topics are interlinked and we wish to look in depth at the inter-connectedness of current challenges. However, for people who are not able to block three weeks in a row it is also possible to take part in one or two modules.


Participants are expected to take active part in the course by attending all lectures, group discussions and read the materials. The course is self-organized, which means that the participants are responsible for daily cooking and cleaning.


The participation fee varies for different parts of the world. Please send us an email if you are interested!


The draft  programme:


Arrivals: Saturday 22 November

Introduction to the school and to the Fourth International, introduction of participants

First module : Analysis of capitalist society and its multiple crisis and oppressions


Sunday 23

Introduction to Marxism


Monday 24

The working class


Tuesday 25

A Marxist-feminist view on gender


Wednesday 26

The global economic crisis


Thursday 27

Women and the crisis of the capitalist system


Friday 28

Free Day


Saturday 29

Free Day


Sunday 30


The role of specific identities

Second module : The ecological crisis and ecosocialism


Monday 1 December

Marx and Engels on ecology


Tuesday 2

Ecological history of capitalism and ecosocialist alternative


Wednesday 3

Climate and food crisis


Thursday 4

Socialist democracy


Friday 5 Imperialism today


Saturday 6 Free Day


Third module : Strategic questions and situation in the different world regions


Sunday 7

The crisis in Europe and the strategic debates


Monday 8

Revolutionary strategy in the 21st century


Tuesday 9

Further deepening of the crisis in the Arab region


Wednesday 10

The political dynamics in Latin America


Thursday 11

Dynamics of the left forces in Asia


Friday 12

Colonialism and struggles in Africa, from independence to the current crisis


Saturday 13

Internationalism and the Fourth International


Sunday 14

Evaluation, cleaning 

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