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Former directors

Former directors

Alex Merlo

24 February 2017

Alex Merlo studied Philosophy in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and in the Université Paris I - Sorbonne. He has been a student activist and member of Izquierda Anticapitalista in the Spanish State and the NPA in France.
Alex is trilingual in Castillian, French and English.
He is a former director of the IIRE.

Eva Ferraren

16 January 2016

Eva Ferraren holds a degree from the Amsterdam School for Social Science Research, University of Amsterdam, and is a specialist on the organic development of the women's movement within broader social movements. Eva has been active in Philippine social movements and is currently working with the Mindanao diaspora in Europe. She has extensive experience as a feminist and peace activist in the southern Philippine region of Mindanao.

Eva Ferraren was co-director from 2004 to 2007.

Pierre Rousset

16 January 2016

Pierre Rousset
Pierre Rousset was the first Director of IIRE, from 1982 to1993. He is especially active in solidarity with social movements in Asia and is a member of the French NPA. He is active in
Europe Solidaire sans Frontières,  an association for international solidarity and edits its website.

Herman Pieterson

16 January 2016

Herman Pieterson (Amsterdam, 1951) is historian. He published work on the Dutch revolutionary parties RSP, OSP and RSAP. He worked as a teacher in Higher Education and as data-expert for the public authorities. Currently he is researching the contribution of Dutch economists to the theory of economic long waves.

Herman Pieterson was co-director from 1985 to 1988.

Robert Went

16 January 2016

Robert Went studied economics. His book 'Globalization. Neoliberal Challenge, Radical Responses' (2000) was published as Notebook for Study and Research 31/32.

Robert Went was co-director from 1988 to 2000.

Susan Caldwell

16 January 2016

Formerly our co-director (2000-2004), Dr. Caldwell is a long-time internationalist revolutionary feminist and political and trade-union activist. She was a regional leader for the World March of Women and author of the forthcoming book “A Primer on Women and Revolution: Gendered Class Analysis and a New Praxis” (Mexico City: Jorale Editores S.A. de C.V., 2011). Her lectures and workshops in Europe, Mexico and Cuba have covered such topics as Women’s Liberation and Class Analysis; Social Science Research Methodologies; and Interdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching on the Internet. Dr.

Antonio Carmona Báez

16 January 2016

Dr. Antonio Carmona Báez was co-director of the IIRE, 2008-2009, and was appointed as an IIRE Fellow in 2011. He holds degrees in International Relations and International Political Economy from the University of Amsterdam, in The Netherlands. He started his career as a scholar-activist in 2001 at the Transnational Institute, where he served as communications officer and researcher.

Bertil Videt

16 January 2016

Bertil Videt holds degrees in Political Science and International Relations, from the University of Copenhagen and Middle East Technical University (Ankara).

He has previously worked as interpreter, journalist and immediate before taking up his position at the IIRE as research coordinator for "Promoting Romani Rights in Turkey".

Bertil Videt has written articles on a number of topics, including European Affairs, Middle East, Turkey, The Political Role of the Military, Minorities and Social Movements. His articles have been published in 10 languages.


Peter Drucker

16 January 2016

Dr. Peter Drucker, a graduate of Yale (BA magna cum laude in history, 1979) and Columbia (PhD in political science, 1994) Universities, was IIRE Co-Director from 1993 to 2006. Since leaving the IIRE staff he has continued his close association with the institute as a Fellow. He teaches at the great majority of IIRE sessions, uses the institute as a base for his research, and continues to help shape its curriculum as an active member of its committee on education.

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