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Lectures for 3rd IIRE Economy Seminar 2014

  • 3rd IIRE Economy Seminar 2014

    14 February 2014

    The 3rd IIRE Economy Seminar is taking place between the 14th and the 16th February.

    Following up on the sessions held in 2009 and 2011, this edition will go through the changing situation in the economies of the different continents, with a focus on the interaction between ecological and economic problems, and the debates on radical ways out of the crisis. Among the lecturers and participants, we will have well known economists like Michael Roberts, François Chesnais, Eric Toussaint, Ozlem Onaram, Claudio Katz, Cedric Durand, Michel Husson and environmentalist Daniel Tanuro.

How to confront financial power. The debate around debt annulations and euro-exit. (2014) Özlem Onaram
Rate of profit, overaccumulation and indebtedness: the causes of the crisis (2014) Michael Roberts
The power of financial capital and its links with productive capital (2014) François Chesnais
The strategies of the ruling class and the "austeritarian" program in Europe (2014) Cedric Durand
Development and New Models in Latin America (2014) Claudio Katz
Strength and fragility of the new emerging economies: a disconnection of the center and the periphery? The case of Brazil. (2014) Rosa Marques
The case of China: a changing role in the world economy. (2014) Ricardo Molero
The world car industry in the crisis. (2014) Jean-Claude Vessilier
A long lasting chaos (2014) Michel Husson
An ecologist answer to unemployment. The challenge of the energetic transition. (2014) Daniel Tanuro
Which emergency program for an anticapitalist exit of the crisis? What do we stand for? Eric Toussaint
Closure of the Economy Seminar 2014 incl. other documents
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