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October 27: Public meeting on 'Feminism for 99 per cent'

20 October 2019

Last month saw the launch of Feminism for 99%'s Dutch translation. Reason enough to present this manifesto at the first meeting in a series of 'Grenzeloos gesprekken' on 27 October. The manifesto has now been translated into more than 20 languages. It rejects the liberal feminism of the 1%, which aims to break the glass ceiling for a limited group of (mostly white) heterosexual women. Feminism for the 99% advocates a feminism that is on the side of the majority of women: workers, migrants, lesbians and transgender women. Women who face institutional racism and exploitation at work and perform unpaid labour home, effectively propping up the social functions without which capitalism cannot survive. The feminism of the 99% has already manifested itself in several countries in the form of women's strikes. What can we learn from these struggles, how can a women's strike contribute to a shared struggle? What types demands could we in NL make on international women's day? These are the questions that are at the heart of this first series of Grenzeloos talks.

Join the discussion, learn and share, and above all, join the *women's struggle with:

Alina Danii Bijl (Women's March NL;, Secretary FNV Jong)
Floor Boots (Abortusbuddies initiative, De Bovengrondse)
Khadija Tahiri-Hyati (President FNV Schoonmaak)
Ellen Verryt (Women's Strike, België)

Entry is free, though contributions are welcome. No PIN-machine, so bring cash if you want to donate or buy some reading material. Discussion will be in Dutch, but there will be microphones and headphones offering live English-Dutch interpretation. The building is wheelchair accessible.

Zondag 27 oktober 14.00 uur IIRE, Lombokstraat 40 Amsterdam

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