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In memoriam Denise Comanne (1949-2010)

3 June 2010
Denise Comanne

The sudden disappearance of Denise Comanne is a shock to all of us who were active with Denise over the last thirty years. Her enthusiasm, her energy, her sense of humour, her warm and ever friendly personality, will remain with us.

At the IIRE, we appreciated her practical help during the yearly meetings of our yearly General Assembly.

Denise was a practical internationalist through her work as a member of the CADTM; one of her important contributions concerned the position and the  problems women are confronted with in the global South. In an article she wrote just before her demise, she describes the difficulties even in a radical social movement like the CADTM, to construct and propagate the feminist dimension of all struggles for emancipation.

The self organisation of each liberation struggle was a central principle of Denise's work. That is why she actively supported the World March of Women and that is why she could describe in detail how patriarchal attitudes infiltrate inside all organisations including CADTM.

Her life has been dedicated to the fight against injustice, exploitation and oppression.

We will continue this fight!

Staff and volunteers of the IIRE Amsterdam

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