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2015 IIRE International Women’s Seminar: Connecting feminist activism worldwide

3 July 2015

Women’s Seminar 2015 assembled successfully at IIRE from 4th to 8th July. Organized by the women’s commission of the Fourth International , the seminar was attended by 30 women from 12 countries. Apart from Western European countries, there were participants from Philippines, Mexico, and the USA. The participants came from wide range of ages, from 17 to 70.

The program started with country reports and continued with rich presentations and discussions on key topics for socialist feminists. Women’s oppression in a class society, the link between exploitation and oppression, intersectionality, domestic labour, experiences of autonomous women’s movement, how to feminise our organizations in terms of fighting sexism and sexual aggression and strengthening women’s role in the organizations and leadership were the main subjects that were discussed thoroughly by participants.

The Women’s seminar 2015 was made possible partly by the solidarity campaign launched at our website in early spring 2015 (see ). The Commission already started to work on the next women’s seminar. Audio files from the seminar and selection from the reading materials will be added soon.
In sisterhood,

Link: help-us-organise-the-women-s-seminar-at-the-iire

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