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The Marxist conception of imperialism and the role of the USA

31 August 2022

In this lecture from the IIRE's serie on the changing shapes of imperialism, Peter Drucker discusses the evolution of US imperialism.

Peter Drucker is a former co-director of the IIRE. He is an advisory editor of the US socialist journal Against the Current and author of Warped: Gay Normality and Queer Anti-Capitalism (Haymarket books).

Suggested background reading:

Online lecture series: the changing shapes of imperialism

26 July 2022

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to renewed discussion of the notion of imperialism. Is the invasion proof that Russia is an imperialist power? But Russia is not the only country described as an imperialist power. China’s international influence has increased dramatically in the past ten years. In South-East Asia, China's claims over large parts of the South China Sea has brought it into conflict with Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. Worldwide, Chinese investments play an increasingly important role.

Leon Trotsky: The German Enigma (1932)

8 April 2022

The IIRE is working on a new collection of Trotsky's writings on fascism. This new translation of a 1932 article by Trotsky is part of this project. This article was originally published in the journal Die Weltbühne ('The World Stage'). Die Weltbühne was an important journal of the Independent intellectual left during the Weimar republic. Cooperators and contributors included Carl von Ossietzky, Kurt Hiller, Erich Mühsam, Fritz Sternberg, Heinrich Ströbel, Kurt Tucholsky and others.

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