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The Spanish Revolution 1

17 January 2017

Bensaïd departs from the problems in the Monarchy system, which was defeated in the 1931 elections, and talks about the democratic demands by workers' movement regarding teh national question, self determination, the question of land, the separation of Church and State - demands which have been noted by Trotsky in the Tasks of the Spanish Revolution. He discusses the problems with the CP, which despite belonging to the 3rd International, failed to recognise the democratic demands and failed to devise a transitional programme after the fall of the monarchy. Bensaïd provides a contextual debate on the insurrection in Spain within the general framework of Europe and Soviet Union, as well as different perspectives -both national and international- on the desired outcomes of the insurrection. The diebates around building a workers' alliance nationwide that would lead to a united workers' front are discussed.

Duration: 42:25
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