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No 63. Facing the Apocalypse. Arguments for Ecosocialism

  • By: Alan Thornett

    We are facing a multifaceted threat to life the planet. Crucial resources are running out. Pollution is choking the ecosystems. The oceans are now 30 per cent more acidic than in pre-industrial times, coral reefs are dying at an unprecedented rate.

No 62. Decolonial Communism, Democracy & the Commons

  • Editors: Catherine Samary & Fred Leplat

    Contributions from Samuel Farber, Silvia Federici, Franck Gaudichaud, Zagorska Golubović, Ernest Mandel, Goran Marković, Svetozar Stojanović and Raquel Varela.

No.61 We the Indians. The indigenous peoples of Peru and the struggle for land

  • By Hugo Blanco

    The story of indigenous peoples in Peru, and struggles for land reform and change from the 1950s and 1960s. In 1972 he published:  'Land Or Death: The Peasant Struggle in Peru'

No.60 October 1917 – Workers in Power.

  • Editors: Fred Leplat & Alex de Jong. Authors: Paul Le Blanc, Ernest Mandel, David Mandel, François Vercammen, Rosa Luxemburg, Lenin, Leon Trotsky.

    Published by Merlin Press, the IIRE and Resistance Books

No.59 The Far Right in Europe

  • editor Fred Leplat

    This book is a survey of the far right in seven countries of Europe with different political histories: Britain, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden.

No.58 Bankocracy

  • by Eric Toussaint

    Banks are at the heart of contemporary capitalism – they are key to financial markets, generate the bulk of financial profits, and have enormous influence on policy making. Eric Toussaint offers us a wide-ranging, informative and sharp outline of their role.

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