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Janette Habel

16 January 2016

Janette Habel is teaching at Université de Paris VIII.

She is a collaborator of the mothly review Le monde diplomatique and author of "Ruptures à Cuba".

Claudio Katz

16 January 2016

Professor at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, where he teaches economy, philosophy and sociology.

Claudio Katz is a known argentinean economist, militant and activist. His teoretic contributions and works have been published in several Latinamerican countries as well as in Europe. He is a member of the EDI (Economistas de Izquierda/Left-wing economists) 

Marcel van der Linden

16 January 2016

Research director at the International Institute for Social History in Amsterdam and professor of sical movement history at the University of Amsterdam

Marcel van der Linden is a dutch academic and works as editor or co-editor on numerous journals, reviews and magazines. His main field of study is global and conmparative labour history.


Selcted publications:

- Transnational Labour History: Explorations (Aldershot [etc.]: Ashgate, 2003). XIV + 226 pp.

Michael Löwy

16 January 2016

Emerit Research Director in Sociology at the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research), Paris, since 1978. Silver Medal of the CNRS as the best social scientist in 1994. Guest Lecturer at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris, since 1981.

Michael Löwy, born in Brazil from Jewish/Viennese parents at May 6, 1938, is an anthropologist, lawyer, mediator, and activist, he has written widely on political philosophy and intellectual history.

David Mandel

16 January 2016

Teacher of political science at University of Quebec, Montreal.

David Mandel is a canadian scholar, union and political activist. He is co-founder of the School for Workers Democracy, which conducts rank-and-file labour education in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

He is an international expert on the post-Soviet labour movement and have written several works about the ex-USSR. The latest being Labour after Communism (South End Press)

Catherine Samary

16 January 2016

Economist, specialist on Balkans and Eastern Europe. She has been active in several internationalist associations since the 1960s. Founding member of Espaces Marx. Member of the scientific council of the French association ATTAC.

Catherine Samary

30 October 2018

Catherine Samary est économiste, spécialiste des Balkans et de l'Europe de l'Est. Elle est active dans plusieurs associations internationalistes depuis les années 1960. Membre fondateur des espaces Marx. Membre du conseil scientifique de l'association française ATTAC.

Anthony Arthur Smith

16 January 2016

Professor of Philosophy at Iowa State University.

Anthony Arthur Smith (born in Providence, 1951) is a scolar and philosopher. He studied at Boston College and State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1980 as well as the University of Munich and the University of Tubingen

Jan Willem Stutje

16 January 2016

Historian Jan Willem Stutje has published on the Dutch and international workers movement. Stutje has written the biography of the Dutch communist Paul de Groot (Paul de Groot, De man die de weg wees). His biography of Ernest Mandel (Ernest Mandel, Rebel tussen droom en daad) was translated into German and English. In May 2012 he published the biography of Dutch socialist pioneer Ferdinand Domela Nieuwenhuis.

Eric Toussaint

16 January 2016

Éric Toussaint is President of the Committee for the Cancellation of the Third World Debt (CADTM)

Éric Toussaint is a historian and politologist, he is a member of the Attac scientific council in France and the International Council of the Worlds Social Forum.

He have published countless articles, many of which can be found on the CADTM website. Some of his books have been translated to english and spanish.

Selected publications: 

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