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IIRE Notebooks

No.54 China's Rise: Strength and Fragility

No.54 China's Rise: Strength and Fragility

China's rise – Strength and Fragility is the first book being jointly published by Resistance Books, the IIRE and Merlin Press. Author Au Loong Yu will be visiting Britain from 12 to 22 November to launch the book at meetings around the country.

The book looks at the dramatic political and economic developments in China from a Marxist perspective. It argues that to understand China today it is also necessary to study the Chinese revolution and it describes the unique social formation that exists today in China as bureaucratic capitalism.

No.52 Capitalism - Crisis and Alternatives

No.52 Capitalism - Crisis and Alternatives

Ed. by Fred Leplat and Özlem Onaran

282 pages

ISBN 978-0-902869-63-9

Resistance Books, London 2012

The IIRE presents the number 52 of it's Notebooks for Study and Research series, edited in collaboration with Resistance Books. 

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