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Ecosocialist School

Ecosocialist School

Red meets green in the Ecosocialist School 2013

24 November 2013

The second 'ecosocialist school' organized by the IIRE was a successful, truly international meeting.
The final large activity of the IIRE in 2013 was the second 'ecosocialist school'. Each year, we organize several educational activities, the largest of which is a three-week school for political activists. Reflecting the increasing importance of the ecological question for progressive activists, we drew up a new program for our three-week school a couple of years ago and renamed it the 'ecosocialist school'.


Ecosocialist School 2012

15 December 2012

Between the 24th and the 15th December 2012, the IIRE is helding its Ecosocialist School. Nineteen young activists from fifteen different countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Niger, Spanish State, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Turkey, United States) participate in the session. During these three weeks, they will live together, self organise the practical life in the institute, attend the lectures and discuss their content and the social and political situation in their different countries.  

Video and Audio Links to GJS 2011

27 November 2011

IIRE Amsterdam is proud to present both video and audio streaming of this year's Global Justice School lectures. You can find links to each day's presentations and readings in the space below, together with the audio streams of the simultaneouss translation to the three languages of the School: Spanish, French and English.

Asian Global Justice School in Manila 2010: Putting Together the Pieces of World’s Problems

20 October 2010

The never ending traffic jams of Quezon City, Philippines, found its ‘compensation’ in the second Asian Global Justice School on August 2-2 1. Representing the Political Committee of the Poor-People’s Democratic Party (KPRM-PRD), along with 10 other left activists from Taiwan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Japan and Pakistan, I participated in a three-week school in Manila organised by International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE)-Manila.

IIRE plans Regional Global Justice School in 9-28 November 2009 in Manila

21 September 2009

iire manilaSince 1982, the existence of the International Institute for Research and Education in Amsterdam (IIRE-Amsterdam) has been instrumental in bringing together activists from all inhabited continents for critical exchanges of thoughts and experiences in the daily struggle for emancipation of all oppressed peoples of the world.

Global Justice School 2008

29 March 2008

With 17 participants from 12 countries, the IIRE Global Justice School 2008 took place from 29 March to 17 April. Students came from Belgium, Brazil, Congo-Brazzaville, Ecuador, India, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, Philippines, USA, and France. It was the first Global Justice School since our relaunch.

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