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New publication: 'We the Indians' by Hugo Blanco

28 March 2018

''I have taken the term 'Indian' as the title of the book. It is the pejorative term used against us. The whip they use to hit our faces. I have picked up the whip. I find it more appropriate than using terms that soften or diminish the oppression''. - Hugo Blanco

We the Indians is a collection of essays by Peruvian peasant leader and indigenous activist Hugo Blanco. In eleven chapters, Blanco discusses the struggles of indigenous people for land and self-determination and develops his ideas on what an ecological, liberated socialism could look like.

March 30: The Left and social movements in Trump's USA

19 March 2018
Donald Trump's election as president sent shock waves around the world. In the US, his racist and sexist rhetoric has emboldened the far right. His administration is attacking the social gains that remain from the New Deal and Great Society and adopting even more policies to benefit the rich and big business.  At the same time, leftist organizations have been growing, millions of women have been mobilizing, Black Lives Matter is continuing its campaigns, and recently in West Virginia striking teachers won a significant victory.  The IIRE is holding an evening discussion on these political developments in the US and the left's response in organizing against Trump's agenda.

Appel aux dons pour l'Ecole écosocialiste 2017

28 September 2017

Comme chaque année fin novembre et début décembre, L’IIRF organise une école internationale de trois semaines pour militant.e.s et acitvist.e.s. Cette Ecole Ecosocialiste constitue une opportunité unique pour des militant.e.s, pour se rencontrer, apprendre, échanger des expériences et construire des réseaux. Pour faciliter la participation, nous essayons d’avoir des coûts les plus bas possibles et si nécessaire nous aidons au paiement des frais de voyage pour ceux qui viennent des pays du Sud.

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